"Since I consulted Valerie in 2016 the quality of my life, especially energy levels and avoidance of illness has been transformed. I consulted Valerie for immunity and fertility issues, I was struggling with antibiotics every other month and their side effects for a year, and trying to get pregnant for the past 3 years. As soon as I started to take the supplements and vitamins Valerie prescribed to me, my immunity recovered and I have not taken a single antibiotic since, and within six weeks I was pregnant. Valerie is a very thorough person with a great passion for her speciality and benefits from 2 generations of experience having stepped into the footsteps of her father. In addition to extensive academic qualifications she brings her experience as a mother of 3 to convert her scientific recommendations to instantly usable recipes and tricks to reduce the many toxins in our environment nibbling away at our health unknown to us.  Many of my friends who have suffered from health conditions have thanked me for referring them to Valerie."

- Nirmala D. (Bangkok) -

"I consulted Valerie for my 5 years old son who had some ears problems (recurrent otitis) and his behaviour at home was up and down. Valerie well listened and advised to change some food habits and prescribed some vitamins and supplements. The behaviour of my son is now stable and he hasn't had no more otitis since."

- Séverine B. (Bangkok) -

"I am very happy to have been put in contact with Valérie. She helped me to better understand the needs of my body. I was able to overcome my deficiencies and enrich my life - becoming a mother of a wonderful boy, and soon another baby. I can warmly recommend Valérie."

- Walburga H. (Brussels) -

"Valérie m'a redonné goût aux "régimes alimentaires"!Quand Valérie m'a offert ses conseils précieux, cela faisait plus d'un an que je galérais au niveau santé d'une diminution du système immunitaire, d'un prédiabète mal contrôlé et d'une perte de poids. Je souffrais de plus d'un ras-le-bol des privations engendrées par mon régime alimentaire prédiabétique, en somme, mal compris. Valérie m'a non seulement aidé à retrouver une santé et une forme physique telle que je ne l'avais jamais eue de mon âge adulte, mais un plaisir inestimable à manger sainement tout en sachant pourquoi et comment!"

- Sylvie M. (Mexico) -

"I am a terrible client! I read too many books about nutrition, I have consulted other therapists, and I always have so many questions. But you know what? Valerie is the one and only therapist to answer all my questions and calm me down when I worry too much about my lifestyle being chaotic sometimes! Valerie always gives me clear and practical directions to follow to achieve better health, and it works!  She is very attentive to all details I share with her, she is thoughtful, and her deep scientific understanding of the human body and what it needs is very reassuring. Also, as a rather new mom, I have consulted her for my son's nutrition. As a very experienced mom, Valerie just gets it and is able to advice on optimal nutrition for your kids, whatever their age.  I am so blessed to know her!"

- Joëlle S. (Bangkok) -

"Under Valerie's smart, caring and energetic guidance, I was able to make a few changes that have lasted and had a positive impact on my overall well-being. What I like most is that her approach is not at all extreme; she works in a way that takes into account your lifestyle and preferences, so implementing the changes is not difficult and you can uphold them over time. To be honest, I did not quite know what to except, but after our 1st consultation, I came home with new knowledge and a deeper understanding of my body and how its different functions are linked."

 -Lisa M. (Bangkok) -

"I recommend the resourceful help of Valérie Monseur. Upon studying my eating habits and the results of certain lab tests relevant to my condition, she suggested some beneficial tips to put in place in my daily routine as well as prescribed supplements only where it can’t be found or substituted through food intake alone. I really appreciate the personality of Valerie who is very attentive and puts herself in your shoes by proposing changes that are realistic."

- Sav A. (Bangkok) -

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